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Prices - The standard price of a two dive day is £40 per person.   The cost of a single dive trip per person is normally £20 but to some of the sites we can visit may be a little more. See examples opposite and on the Dive Sites Map (Click Here)We will usually return to Brixham after each dive but, depending on numbers, distance and your dive plans, can remain at sea for a second dive with divers taking spare cylinders on board if required.   Please contact us first to discuss this.

Single Dive Days - If you and your group elect to do a single dive in the day but, because of the distance to your selected dive site and/or the duration of your dive plan, your booking ties the boat up for the majority of the day, the minimum price you will pay is £40 per person.  Please contact us to discuss your plans and agree a price first.

Capacity - The RIB will operate with 8, a maximum of 10 and a minimum of 6 divers on any trip.  We will operate occasionally with a reduced booking of 4 divers but only in the late afternoon or evenings, when this is the third dive of the day, or by special arrangement for specific projects. Please get in touch to discuss your plans and prices with us first.

Deposits For group bookings of 2 or more, we require a deposit of £20.00 per person within 10 days of the provisional booking or the boat spaces will not be allocated to you and will remain available to other divers.   The balance will be payable on the day before departure on the first dive.   Payment can be made by cheque or (preferably) BACS Transfer, please contact us for details.    

-  We will accept bookings from individual divers but the full cost of the trip is to be paid within 10 days of the provisional booking or the boat spaces will remain available to others/groups.

Cancellations - If you need to cancel, let us know as soon as possible and we will arrange an alternative date with you.   If you cancel within 14 days of the planned trip, and a suitable alternate date cannot be agreed, your deposit payment will not be refunded.  We will make every effort to re-allocate your trip/booking to another group of the same size and, if successful, will then refund your deposit.  
If the planned diving takes place but you either turn up late and miss the boat or elect not to dive for any reason and you cannot provide a substitute to fill the boat space, we will not refund any payment made.

If we decide to cancel the trip completely due to adverse weather or sea conditions (including very poor underwater visibility) or any other operational or safety considerations, and an alternative date cannot be agreed, your full charter payment/deposit will be refunded.

Planned Diving Programme We will make every effort to stick to the planned schedule of diving which you can view on our Facebook Page (Click Here).  However, we reserve the right to change dive sites or boat departure times if the weather, sea conditions or any other operational safety considerations dictate.   We will always plan for the best alternative dive site with similar depth/gas mix requirements where possible.   We expect all divers to honour the booking they have made in such circumstances and will make every effort to give as much notice as possible of any changes.   In the event of a change of dive site, we will refund the difference in cost if it is in your favour, on request.

Responsibility - SCUBA diving is a very challenging and potentially hazardous activity.   You are responsible for the safe conduct of your own diving.   We expect you to ensure that you are fit, trained/qualified, properly equipped and in current practice for the planned/selected dive.

All drift dives will require the use of a SMB and we expect all divers to carry and be able to use a DSMB on every dive.   Individuals booking on a dive should consider themselves as 'Solo' divers and should be equipped and confident/capable of diving alone if a buddy cannot be found.

You are responsible for making sure you meet the boat departure time as advised by the skipper.   It is recommended that you arrive in Brixham at least one hour before your first intended trip departs, with all the equipment and correct gas supplies / mixes you need for it.  Directions on how to find the boat departure points, parking places and local diving gas stations can be found here.
You should always check a few sources of coastal weather forecasts for the Torbay / South Devon area before travelling down to Brixham.   If you are in any doubt, please give us a call before you travel.

Liability - Nautilus Dive Charters accept no liability whatsoever for any accident, damage, loss or injury, however caused, affecting any personnel or their belongings whilst aboard any vessel supplied by us.   Customers are recommended to ensure they have adequate personal accident & equipment insurance cover.   'Holiday' insurance is also advised to cover the full cost of your trip, should you have to cancel due to unforeseen personal circumstances.

Single Dive Prices

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Dive Site


The Ridge/Shoalstone/Cod Rock Reefs £15
Tucker Rock £20

Bretagne /  MV Emsstrom

Northville £20
Perrone £20
Dudley Rose £20
Bleamoor £20
Ore Stone £20
The Bull Rock £20
Sevilla £20
E Blackstone £20
Mewstone £20
Galicia £20
Kendal Castle £20
Benton Castle £20
Picton Castle £20
Buesten £25
Lord Stewart £25
City of Swansea £25
Greleen £25
Gefion £25
Glocliffe £25
Greatham £25
Rota £25
Elsa £25
UC 49 £25

Berry Head Wall & Caves

Boma £25
Newholm £30
Medina £30
Gro £30
Warsaw £30
Aldershot £25
Garm £25
Waikawa £30
Farn £25
Antonio £25